Life Hacks Nobody Told You About Until Now

Life Hacks Nobody Told You About Until Now

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100 life hacks for everyday situations you'll wish you knew sooner. This awesome list of tricks will increase your productivity, make your beer cold, and make life so much easier. Wait till you get into the top 10, your mind 🤯 will simply explode!

Quick and Easy Drano

Salt down drain

Rating: ⭐8.4/10
Category: Household
Required: Salt, boiling water

“Pour salt and boiling water down your sink to unclog the drain” - Lifehacker

Saucepan Handles

Saucepan Handles 2

Rating: ⭐9.8/10
Category: Food & Beverage
Required: Saucepan, Wooden Spoon

“Use the hole in your saucepan to hold the spoon” - Lifehacker