These 15 Body Builders Are Absolute Units

Heavyweight bodybuilder's are know for their enormous muscles but these 15 power lifters are absolute bodybuilding units. Their muscle size is off the charts and these bodybuilder pictures are absolutely nuts.



Kevin Levrone

Kevin Levrone who started body building at the age of 11 years. In 1992, Kevin Levrone took part in his first qualifying event at the 1992 Chicago Pro-invitational. He took the body building world by storm. Levrone has come up at top five in a total of five times in the Mr. Olympia titles.



Lou Ferrigno

At number 14, is Lou Ferrigno who is best known as playing The Incredible Hulk on television. Lou read comic books as a child and had a dream of becoming like the muscular characters in his comic books. At the age of 12, he picked up his first weights. Over the next decade, he was the youngest to compete at the IFBB Mr. Universe competition twice. He is also the only one to get two consecutive wins in the competition.



Dennis Wolf

At number 13, is Dennis Wolf. He was born in the USSR but moved to Germany at the age of 14 with his family. Wolf got his start in body building at the age of 15. He was already competing at the age of 21. In 2006, Wolf made his IFBB professional debut. He continues to work on his physique and has developed an incredible size through his hard work.



Moustafa Ismail

Moustafa Ismail comes up at number 12. He has a lot of recognition because he set a Guinness World Record for having the largest arms, triceps and biceps. Ismail spark controversy because some think it's not natural. He has 31 inch arms and says he can lift 600 pounds. In 2007, he moved to the U.S and now works out for three hours each day.



Lee Haney

At number 11, is Lee Haney. Haney has worn the Mr. Olympia title eight times, which is an amazing fit to accomplish. In 1990's, Haney dominated body building but now lives a quiet life. Haney has two fitness centres in Atlanta and is also the founder of a non-profit retreat where he counsels youth.



Johnnie O. Jackson

Number 10 – Johnnie O. Jackson. He is an incredible body builder who is only 5'8 in height. Jackson has deadlifted 760 pounds, which is record-breaking. He is able to bench-press 600 pounds. When he is not on stage, he works as a personal trainer.



Flex Wheeler

Number 9 – Flex Wheeler. He has been winning competitions since 1993. He got the Triple Crown in 1997 for: The Ironman, Classic and San Jose Classic. During his competition years, he had an amazing flawless physique.



Roelly Winklaar

Number 8 - Roelly Winklaar. He is new to the body building world. Winklaar packs 285 pounds of pure muscle on his small 5'6 frame. In 2009, he competed in the 2009 NPC Arnold Amateur championships, which was one of his first competitions. He has excelled since then and continues to impress body building fans.



Phillip Heath

Number 7 – Phillip Heath. Phillip grew up in Seattle, Washington where he played varsity basketball and got a scholarship to the University of Denver. He took up bodybuilding in 2002. His first competition was the Rocky Mountain NPC USA Championship which he won, giving him a great start to his career.



Kai Greene

Number 6 – Kai Greene. Greene used weights to cope with his difficult childhood. After being introduced to competitive body building by his 7th grade teacher, he proceeded and went to the NPC. His hard work paid off earning him a place in the IFBB ranks.



Gunter Schlierkamp

At number 5, Gunter Schlierkamp who comes from Germany was inspired by Schwarzenegger in some of his films. Gunter won his first competition at age 18. He owned the Mr. Universe title in 1993 and later moved to the US in 1996.



Arnold Schwarzenegger

At number 4, is Arnold Schwarzenegger who is very popular. He has set records in the fitness world. He was the youngest to win the Mr. Universe, at only 20 years of age.



Markus Ruhl

Number 3 – Markus Ruhl. He picked up weights much later, at age 19. He however put extra effort, and won many competitions. He continues to pack on muscling and grows in incredible size.



Dennis James

Number 2 – Dennis James. He began lifting weights at age 18 and has maintained his physique over the years.



Ronnie Coleman

At number 1 is Ronnie Coleman. He has a weight of an amazing 300 pounds. He impressed in his first competition in 1990 and began dominating the body building world since then. He has 8 Mr. Olympia titles among many others.

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