As an NFL fans you probably know who won the Super Bowl. But do you how it all got started and what the significance of winning means?

Every year, February rolls around, and the Super Bowl is here. You may celebrate the sporting event, attend a party, cheer for a team, but do you know the history of the Super Bowl? And how many times each NFL team has won? Keep reading for a complete breakdown of America's favorite sports event. At the next Super Bowl party, you'll stun your guests with your knowledge of the game.

How It All Started

The start of professional football as we know it today was in 1922 when the American Professional Football Association changed its name to the National Football League. Skip ahead to 1933, and the NLF implements a post-season schedule. After the American Football League and the National Football League merged in June 1966, it was determined a championship game should occur at the end of the season. This was the creation of the Super Bowl; it just didn't have a name yet.

The first Super Bowl is played on Jan 15, 1967, and is the only Super Bowl not to sell out. Tickets were sold at prices ranging between $10-$15, which for the time was considered too expensive. The Kansas City Chiefs played against the Green Bay Packers for the first time.

The first Super Bowl is played on Jan 15 1967

So how many super bowls were played before the official name came about? Three games were played under various names such as the "AFL-NFL World Championship Game," the "World Series of Football," and "the Big One." None of these names sounded quite right to anyone. In 1969, the legend goes that Lamar Hunt, the principal founder of the American Football League, was playing with his son's superball toy, which gave the inspiration to the name.

What It Means to Win

Winning the Super Bowl means your team is the best football team in the United States for that season. It's an honor that's difficult to achieve. And, if you win, you do so with all of America watching you. The team is awarded the Vince Lombardi Trophy for its accomplishments. However, most players are more driven by chance to win a "Super Bowl ring" than the trophy. The ring has a new design every year and encompasses why the team members choose to play football. Not only is the ring worth a lot of money, but it's a status symbol of a significant accomplishment.

What It Means to Win

All the team members from both the winning and losing teams receive monetary gains for making it to the Super Bowl. These amounts vary each year but are supposed to reward the top two teams for making it to the championship.

The Significance of the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl has unofficially become an American holiday. Families and friends all gather together to watch the greatest players in the United States battle it out for the title. It's a game of endurance, skill, and strategy. The NFL showdown brings the country together, to celebrate and cheer on their favorite team while spending time with their friends and family.

Super Bowl has unofficially become an American holiday