7 Facts You Didn’t Know About The XFL


The new XFL is continues to generate buzz and it is a place more football fans are coming for more football. The league that was rebooted by Vince McMahon has promised to do better this time and that they are in it for the long haul.

The following are things you didn't know have changed:


Brown Footballs Players Can Actually Catch

The old XFL insisted on using a red and black football which made them very slippery in wet conditions. the XFL logo and each team's name will be printed on the ball. There should be more spectacular catches this time.


Special Rules for Overtime

Overtime is always a hot topic in football of any type. Many football fans do not like the NFL overtime system. The XFL overtime system will be different in that players will have a shootout system with five rounds of two-point conversions. Both offense and defense of each team will be on the field at the same time.


The XFL Has a New Commissioner

The XFL Commissioner Oliver Luck knows a lot about football and will definitely help the league be better. He is a former NFL quarterback and his son, Andrew Luck also played several seasons in the NFL.


No Cheerleaders

Cheerleaders were a very large selling point of the former XFL. Just like in the NFL, cheerleaders are a huge fan favorite. However, there will be no cheerleaders this time round. Vince McMahon has stated that he wants the focus to be entirely on the action on the field.



New Team Locations

The XFL will have 8 teams from different cities. The only returning cities are Los Angeles and New York. The rest are St. Louis, Seattle, Dallas, Houston, Tampa Bay, and Washington. Most of the cities have large NFL teams that the XFL can draw fans from.


They have a Farm Team

Instead of having individual teams with large practice squads, there will be a farm team: Team 9, which will be a 40-man team out of Arlington, Texas. Players from the rooster can be called to any of the 8 teams.


Players Will Be Getting Well Paid

the former XFL did not pay its players that well. This time round, the average salary of an XFL quarterback will be $125,000. The salary cap per team will be $4 million.

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