Why Gazillionaires & Jamie Foxx are buying Armored SUV’s
Why Gazillionaires & Jamie Foxx are buying Armored SUV’s

Bullet proof armored SUV's are making it onto all the big celebrities wish lists. Check out the top 10 street legal armored SUV's available today.

Armored SUV's have become more popular these days. Celebrities, including Kanye West and Steven Seagal, as well as some very popular politicians, prefer these cars because they are pretty flexible when it comes to automotive security. They are also robust and designed to withstand harsh conditions and insecure places. Fortunately, this also makes them incredibly durable. Did you also know that these cars can with stand bullet armor piercing rounds? No amount of explosives and AK47 bullets can hurt you while you are inside. They make use of quality materials like Ballistic Fiberglass, premium bulletproof glass, Ballistic nylon and Lexan.


It is even more amazing that the market is filled with these cars. When choosing a bulletproof SUV, you have to be cautious. They come with different features and prices. Always put your needs first. As you keep looking, you can give these ten quality armored SUV's a chance.


1. Conquest Knight XV Price: $799,950

Conquest Knight XV

If you are looking for an ultra-luxurious SUV, you should try Conquest Vehicle Inc's KNIGHT XV. It comes with outstanding military vehicle designs to provide security like no other. Whenever you are in it, you have a guarantee that you are invincible. Another advantage of getting this vehicle is that it is pretty affordable. The CONQUEST KNIGHT XV price ranges around $799,950-$800k, and it is all you need to take this beast home.


2. Karlmann King Price: $1,800,000

Karlmann King

This is a treasure, and it is amazingly unique. With its diamond cuttings that are as a result of falcon's inspiration, it is impossible to get your eyes off it. This high-end SUV comes with exclusive customizations to meet each of your needs. Combined with Europe's top vehicle craftsmanship, it will give the best driving experiences ever. You will need about $1.85 million to get its standard version, but you can get more expensive ones on the market.


3. Range Rover Sentinel Price: $479,386

Range Rover Sentinel

Range Rover enthusiasts should get this classic SUV that combines style, protection, and refinement to deliver fantastic capabilities even off-road. Its comfort will blow you away, and it is engineered with quality bulletproof construction to provide unmatched security against all types of attacks. Additionally, it has a siren system, an external speaker system and emergency service lights. Recently, it has been equipped with a supercharged V8 engine that never disappoints. How much do you need to get it? The RANGE ROVER SENTINEL price for the previous version was around $479,386 in 2015, but the 2020 version's cost is yet to be confirmed.


4. Paramount Marauder Price: $485,000

Paramount Marauder 1280x853

The Marauder which is made by South Africa's Paramount Group is mine-protected. It is created to meet all your safety needs. It can carry additional fuel tanks and also combat supplies; making it suitable for long-range patrols and different force operations. Other features that you may like include the day and night vision and extra sensors because they make it perfect for 24/7 services. This SUV is also affordable since its price is about $485,000, but different sellers might have varying prices within that range.


5. Rezvani Tank: $349,000

Rezvani Tank Jamie Fox

Rezvani TANK comes with a stylish steel body-on-frame design. You may hear some people referring to it as "tank". Its look is inspired by some of the best military vehicles that the world has seen. You should get it because it is convenient for both on-road and off-road use. There is nowhere you can't go with it. Other incredible features that it possesses include the strong 6.4-litre 500-horsepower V8 engine, high-performance brakes and comfy ergonomic seats. How much do you need to get it off the market? The REZVANI TANK price starts at US$349,000.


6. Terradyne Gurkha Rpv Civilian Edition Price:$325,777

Terradyne Gurkha Rpv Civilian Edition 1280x853

You can get the powerful Terradyne Gurkha Rpv Civilian Edition with about $325,777. It is unbelievably great on the road, and you can use it to run all your daily errands. It comes with armor plating that makes it impossible to destroy. You will definitely be impressed by the 6.7-litre V8 turbodiesel engine. The available convenience features include front beverage holders, air conditioning, telescoping steering wheel and manual driver lumbar support.


7. Toyota Devolro Price: $150,000

Toyota Devolro 1280x853

This armored SUV is one of a kind. For starters, it is custom-made, and its features will meet all your desired specifications. It comes with durable all-terrain tires designed to survive even rough off-road adventures. With the 520 HP supercharged V8 engine, custom steel front bumper and reinforced step bars, the Toyota Tundra Devolro has everything you can ever ask for in a street-legal tank. For affordability, its price tag reads about $150000.


8. Rhino GX Price: $512,000

Rhino GX

This is one of the largest armored SUVs that you can get, and it comes with some pretty amazing features. It has a stylish, rugged exterior that will catch the attention of everyone you drive by. It is also spacious, and with it, you'll be leaving none of your friends behind when going for that party you have been waiting for. Feel free to take it with you in the wilderness; you will have no regrets. With the premium entertainment system, boredom will never be one of your worries. This SUV's price starts from $330,750.


9. Texas Armoring Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG 6×6 Price: $512,000

Texas Armoring Mercedes Benz G63 AMG

Here's another SUV whose features will blow you away. With this beast, you will be unbeatable while on the road. It always delivers a great off-road experience; meaning you can use it on even the roughest terrains. It has military-car grade indestructibility so that you can drive it for as long as you desire. It also comes with The B6 + grade armory that makes you safe at all times; regardless of whether you are in the middle of a war zone or not. You only require $512,000 to own this monster.

10. Inkas Huron Price: $485,000

Inkas Huron

This is a fabulous multi-purpose vehicle that is safe, mainly because it is built for war zones. Not even high-power rifle fire or hand grenades can hurt you while you are inside it. It is equipped with a powerful engine as well as a 75-gallon fuel tank to deliver the range. It can carry as many as 16 people. On top of that, it comes with classic Huron's body panels which help to manage extreme cold and heat conditions for maximum comfort. Inkas Huron's price can be anywhere between US$485,000 and $630,000 depending on the features.

If you are looking for an affordable armored SUV that will not let you down, you can try the ones we have provided in this article. Their prices vary; hence, all you need to do is choose one that fits your budget. Don't forget to evaluate its features as well.