New Leather Accessories Ideas From iPhone Cases To File Folders That Will Change Your Life

Not just for cowboys. Leather is now being used for everything from iPhone cases to File Folders. Here are some of the best Leather accessories around.

Keeping your possessions well-protected while getting a stylish look is a combination few materials can give. One that does so, and better than any other, is leather. After all, what other material actually gets better as it gets older? During the time that look is getting refined by age, you get durable protection for your accessories.


It's hard to find a leather product that looks out of style. That's another of its special qualities: it always maintains its style and elegance. For instance, these leather accessories are great examples.

1. Leather iPhone Case

This iPhone case, made from specially tanned Cowhide and Microfiber lining, has a distinct softness that feels natural in the hand. There's plenty more to it than just the distinguished look: it's shock-absorbent and has a thin profile that adds minimum bulk to your phone.

2. Phone Holster

If you're not a fan of keeping your phone in your pocket, you'll get even easier access to it with this holster. The high-quality brass belt provides added durability, backed by the extra stitching.


3. Leather File Folder

This file folder from Hide and Drink has striking hand-stitching, giving it a great look that comes with all the utility you can expect from a folder. The full-grain leather gives it a neat appearance that you can expect to develop a natural patina over time. As for durability, it comes with a 101-year warranty, demonstrating its strength.

4. Bookmark

As a way to keep track of what page you're on in a book with some added charm, this leather bookmark is difficult to outshine. Its high quality is testament to the fact that it was handcrafted with full-grain leather, giving it durability. It's a good accessory for many years and books to come, as it visibly ages with grace.


5. Wide Leather Watch Bands

This wide watchband is a great way to refine the look of your timepiece while making it a snug fit. The genuine leather sits comfortably on the wrist while providing the durability it's known for.

6. Card Case

The full-grain leather of this card case ensures that cards are safe, and the design lends itself to uses like organizing money and keeping folded bills.


7. Leather Keychain

This key chain holds as many as 10 keys in a comfortable and compact package. The minimalist design, along with its ability to keep keys jingle-free and secure, adds to its appeal.

8. Passport

This passport holder is a great accessory for keeping a passport looking new. With built-in RFID blocking, it also ensures that personal data is protected.


9. Leather Journal

This authentic journal provides an elegant way to write and take down notes in a snug package that also features premium quality paper. Best of all, it's refillable.

10. Catchall

This leather catchall is made from neat-looking grain leather to give it the strength to carry different items. It can be used for keys, change and personal items, and it keeps them secure with four sturdy brass metal snaps.

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