New Apple AR Glasses (iGlass) - Will This Replace Your iPhone?

From 2015 to 2017, Apple has filed several patents related to augmented reality tech and its rumored iGlass program. The iGlass is, hypothetically, a pair of augmented reality glasses. The first designs would rely on wireless connectivity to an iPhone to function: the iPhone would handle the heavy lifting, but the glasses provide an innovative AR display that interfaces with the world around you. However, later designs might replace iPhones altogether. Let's deduce what kind of world that would be.


All Glasses Will Become Hipster Glasses

Everyone knows that certain glasses frames are 'hipster glasses.' However, with all Apple fans wearing glasses, it seems that the entire population of glasses-wearers will grow to be associated with Apple fanatics and brand loyalists.

Glassing While Driving Laws

If you thought texting and driving was an epidemic, just imagine people being able to watch reruns of Friends with nothing but a pair of glasses. Enforcing anti-Glassing laws will be a challenge, though; it's easy to imagine a world where people with normal glasses are often pulled over on the grounds of DWB (Driving While Blind). Dark days are ahead for the vision-impaired.


Apple®-Brand iTyranny™

This sort of tech that blurs the line between man and machine really gets everyone's inner doomsday theorist going. It's easy to imagine Apple utilizing such a close connection to users to indoctrinate them with subliminal messaging and coded waves to create a class of obedient serfs who exist to consume Apple products year after year. After all, how else could Apple convince people to... buy the same phone year after year?


Overall, Apple's innovative iGlass project promises an interesting and exciting future for this unproven technology. If anyone can make a technology like this work, it's Tesla. But if anyone can mass-market it, that is surely Apple. I for one welcome our new corporate overlords.

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