Beardaments Let Girls Decorate Anything During The Holidays

If you didn't shave for Mo-Vember, now is your time to shine thanks to Beardaments lights. Beardaments are fun Ornaments you actually place on your beard. Gone are the days of Ugly Sweaters, because now you can take it a step farther. You can even add Beardaments glitter to really take your beard up a notch.

Jason McOmber, a National Sales Director worked steadily on the product during his down time. Eventually he figured out a way to bring the holiday spirit in a new way. The idea came to him after a Christmas party when people started to clip items onto his beard. He refined it a bit and then took it to see the Sharks.


McOmber was featured on Shark Tank and his Beardments were met with praise and even a little battle over who was going to take it to market. Now the brand is the top selling decorative beard product nationally.

While Beardaments were designed to clip into men's beards, they can also be used to decorate mutton chops, pet's fur, and women's hair. Essentially, if there is enough hair to get a small clip to stay, then Beardments will work.

If you take a close look at Beardaments, they are small, very lightweight Christmas ornaments attached to half-inch clips. If you buy the original 12 pack, you get four red, four green, two silver, and two gold ornaments. All of the ornaments shine, which takes the ante up another notch. There is also an on/off switch so you can turn down the bling if you aren't feeling super merry.


The Unique Beardments Design

One of the perks of Beardaments is the battery inside of the ornament, which erases the need for any wires. This makes Beardaments easy to use (and helps keep them separate from any food you may get stuck in your beard). A professional tip: after clipping the Beardaments lights into your beard you may want to put a light coat of hairspray over your entire beard to help keep them in place.

For a truly merry occasion, consider also buying Beardament glitter to dress up your beard a bit more. You could be the jolliest Santa on the block if the holiday spirit moves you. The Beardament glitter is available in gold, red, silver, and green and can even be used in your actual hair and eyebrows for a total matching effect.

The Beardament lights make great stocking stuffers or gifts for the men in your life who have 'beard pride.' The brand also has a range of beard positive t-shirts that look great wrapped in a present along with some Beardament lights and the Beardaments beard shaper-comb attachment that easily snaps onto any clippers or razor.

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