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Celebs That Prefer To Rent Cars
Rapper Soulja Boy had no problem admitting he was renting one of the cars he was seen frequently driving around: a white Maserati GranCabrio. When spotted cruising in the Italian luxury car, he fessed up that he was indeed renting it.
Infamously when Justin Bieber was visiting Miami a few years back, he decided to test the speed of a yellow Lamborghini Gallardo. The police quickly nabbed him, and they impounded the car. Later, it was revealed that the vehicle was a rental.
Lindsay Lohan went driving in her supposed black Porsche and was involved in an accident. The excellent news for Lohan was that she wasn’t stuck with the repair bill. It runs out Lohan had rented the car and therefore wasn’t responsible for paying.
Like Bieber, when Travis Scott took a trip to Miami, he rented a Lamborghini and had similar bad luck. He was involved in an accident, and per the Miami Herald, Scott had fork up $90,729.45 for repairs; roughly a quarter of the car’s sticker price of $400,000
Rapper Sean Kingston has a love of fancy cars. While he owns many, he also has a tendency to rent some as well. Precision Concierge New York, a car rental company, has reported that Kingston rented a Chevrolet Escalade for a stay in Los Angeles in the past.