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Celebrities Who Don't Care About Computers, Social Media, Or The Internet
Christopher Walken is not a fan of computers. He said his wife does all sorts of masochistic things like looking herself up, but he said, I never have that temptation. The star doesn’t even own a cell phone; his producers usually have to give him a phone just for the length of his shoot.
George Clooney is not a fan of Facebook or Twitter. In fact, he told Esquire I’d rather have a rectal examination on live TV by a fellow with cold hands than have a Facebook page. He thinks it’s loony for any celebrity to have a Facebook page or Twitter account.
Angelina Jolie told USA Today in 2011 that her brain is too scattered to use something like the internet. She tried Amazon once and said she was overwhelmed by the choices. This Hollywood star said she prefers to use catalogs to do her shopping.
Winona Ryder said in a 2010 interview that she doesn’t use the internet; whether or not that‘s still true ten years later is unknown. She also mentioned she rarely uses a computer. She is quoted as saying she used her blackberry to read her email. Perhaps she still uses one, or maybe she’s joined the rest of us with a mini-computer in her hand.
Elton John boldly announced once that the entire internet should shut down for five years. The music legend said the music industry was suffering greatly from online sharing. Musicians and other artists lose out on a lot of money when their work is shared illegally.