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Which movie reel hosted this sad, string quartet?
Celebs Who Drive Chevys
Luke Bryan is a major fan of Chevrolet, so the singer decided to get himself the Suburban Concept Truck. This tough vehicle has a powerful V8 engine that gives the car 355 hp and a 383 lb-ft torque.
Lady Gaga drives a car that is just as iconic as she is, a Chevrolet El Camino. The vehicle hasn’t been produced since 1987, a year after the superstar was born, but Gaga loves style, and this car has it.
Jay Leno owns a 1967 Chevy C10 Restomod in green. The car has been restored and boasts a V8 engine with 350 horsepower. However, the car's great looks might not make up for its lack of efficiency for the average person; it requires many fill-ups due to less than excellent fuel economy.
Tiny Kourtney Kardashian owns a giant of a car, a Chevrolet Silverado. She has been spotted having difficulty parking it a few times, but we’re sure she knows what she’s doing most of the time. Plus, who wants to park a giant car in front of a bunch of clicking paparazzi.
Among many of his cars, Channing Tatum owns a Chevrolet 3100 pickup truck. The truck’s value is only $50,000, which seems frugal compared to most celebrity cars. With all his money from his hit films, we are sure he has some more expensive pieces in his collection.