W2S Net Worth | 3 Things You Don't Know About Harry Lewis
W2S Net Worth | 3 Things You Don't Know About Harry Lewis

W2S is a British YouTuber whose real name is Harry Christopher George Lewis. Harry Lewis' YouTube channel is mostly dedicated to gaming content, including FIFA gameplay and gaming commentary. However, more recently, W2S has started incorporating challenge videos with his usual content.

Harry Christopher George Lewis is also part of the popular YouTube collaboration channel, The Sidemen. The Sidemen consist of six other popular YouTubers who make collaboration content.

As a result of his extremely successful YouTube career, W2S has amassed a large following and a considerable net worth. It is estimated that Harry Lewis has a net worth of over $12 million.

Did You know W2S Stands for Wroetoshaw?

W2S   Did You know W2S Stands for Wroetoshaw

W2S is the name of Harry Christopher George Lewis' YouTube channel. However, many people may not know that this acronym actually stands for Wroetoshaw.

If you did know that W2S stands for Wroetoshaw, perhaps you did not know what the meaning behind the name is. Harry Lewis is known for his football and FIFA related content. Therefore, he decided to name his channel after his favorite footballers of the time. Harry combined the names Nicky Wroe and Tom Bradshaw to create the Wroetoshaw name.

Although, these days, he usually goes by W2S.

Did You Know W2S is From Guernsey?

W2S   Did You Know W2S is From Guernsey

W2S is a British YouTuber. However, did you know he is actually from a tiny island in the English Channel? Guernsey is located off the south of England and has a small population of just 63,000 people. This may seem like a very small island, however, Harry was actually born on an even smaller island. W2S was born in Alderney, another island in the English Channel. Alderney has a tiny population of just over 2,000.

As Guernsey is so far from the British mainland, Wroetoshaw made the decision to move to London in 2014 at the age of just 17.

Did You Know W2S has Over 15 Million Subscribers?

W2S   Did You Know W2S has Over 15 Million Subscribers

If you know anything about Harry Lewis, you will be aware that he is an extremely successful YouTuber, and is often considered one of the UK's most famous along with the other Sidemen. However, did you know that on his W2S channel, Harry Christopher George Lewis has more than 15 million subscribers?

With a lot of subscribers, comes a lot of video views. Since starting his channel in 2012, W2S has gained over 4.5 billion video views. So, it's unsurprising that Harry Lewis has such an impressive net worth for a 24-year-old.

In addition to the 15 million followers that Harry has on his personal channel, the Sidemen channel that he is part of has an additional 8.6 million subscribers.