The JP Morgan Reserve Credit Card is one of the most exclusive cards you can get. Find out how the ultra-rich benefit from these types of Credit Cards.

Certain criteria need to be met for you to become eligible to get the JP Morgan Reserve credit card.
Getting the invitation to the card requires you to have fulfilled the following:

  • Be a JP Morgan private banking customer
  • Have over $10 million dollars in investable assets with JP Morgan private bank.

The Difference between JP Morgan Reserve Card and Other Credit Cards

The JP Morgan Reserve card is different from the American Express Centurion card. The latter extends to clients who typically spend more than 350,000 dollars annually on their American Express. However, the JP Morgan Reserve card is ultra-exclusive reserved only for JP Morgan private clients who are most important. In as much as the two credit cards are invite-only cards, the JP Morgan Reserve Card is harder to attain.

The Unpopularity of the Card

As the name suggests, the JP Morgan Reserve card has been reserved for only few people who meet the criteria. Many people who don't understand credit cards may miss out on the value of this $10 million dollar invite-only credit card.

The Packaging of the JP Morgan Reserve Card

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The remarkable JP Morgan Reserve Card comes in a well-sealed box. The presentation is really nice with the credit card centered inside a rectangular casing. The package also comes with some enveloped information meant to guide the client. The card itself is well-built making it relatively heavy compared to other metal credit cards. Such as, the Mastercard Gold card which weighs 22 grams and the American Express Platinum Card weighing 18 grams. The JP Morgan Reserve card weighs a whopping 27 grams.

Palladium Card

Palladium has been used to make the JP Morgan Reserve Card. Which makes it the best and heaviest metal credit card. In comparison, the Chase Sapphire Reserve weighs only 13 grams. Palladium metal is among the reasons why the annual fee of the Reserve Card is higher than of the Sapphire Reserve.

Benefits of the JP Morgan Reserve Card

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The benefits of the prestigious JP Morgan Reserve Card include the following:

  • $300 annual travel credit
  • 3 times reward points on travel world wide
  • Dining credits
  • Airport lounge access
  • Global entry credit
  • No foreign transaction fees
  • V.I.P access to exciting events
  • Service protection
  • 1 point for every $1 spent on all purchases
  • 60,000 bonus points after spending $4,000 on purchases within the first three months of opening the account

History of the JP Morgan Reserve Card

In 2016, the JP Morgan Palladium Card got rebranded as the JP Morgan Reserve Card. The former was made of palladium that had an estimated worth of $1000+ in value. Later on, Chase Sapphire Reserve was launched. Except the annual fee and credit card metal type, the JP Morgan Reserve Card and Chase Sapphire Reserve are similar.

The JP Morgan Reserves Card has physical similarity to its predecessor- the JP Morgan Palladium Card. But, the $10 million dollar invite-only credit card has improved benefits and privileges unlike its predecessor. In 2017, the JP Morgan Palladium card was discontinued following the dissatisfaction of the clients. That gave rise to the current JP Morgan Reserve Card.

Exceptional Benefits of JP Morgan Reserve Card

The JP Morgan Reserve Card is glamorous has a rare ostentatious effect on the clients. The flashy palladium credit card also has unique benefits. Such as, membership to United Clubs and premier travel benefits that include a $300 dollar travel credit annually. The JP Morgan Reserve Card generally accrues about $1250 profit to the user.

In case a client has both the JP Morgan Reserve Card and the Chase Sapphire Reserve, the latter can be discontinued. Alternatively, downgrading can be done to the Sapphire Reserve. It cuts o the cost of spending annual fee on both of the cards.

Summary of the JP Morgan Reserve Card

The key requirement to receiving an invitation for the JP Morgan Reserve Card is to have over $10 million in assets in the JP Morgan Private Bank. The exceptional benefits of the JP Morgan Reserve Card surpass those of its contending credit cards. The card also turns heads wherever it's pulled off. It's also one of the hardest credit cards to attain, which says a lot in case you get an invitation.