El Alfa El Jefe Net Worth | Dominican Rapper Sensation
El Alfa El Jefe Net Worth | Dominican Rapper Sensation
El Alfa El Jefe Bio:
Net Worth: $3 Million
Real Name: Emmanuel Herrera Batista
Born: December 18, 1990
Age: 31 years old
Height: 5ft & 6in / 1.67m
Astrological Sign: Sagittarius ♐
Home Town: Bajos de Haina, Dominican Republic
Most Famous For: Disciplina Album
Last Updated: 2021

El Alfa El Jefe's Net Worth & Career

El Alfa El Jefe is a Dominican Republic rapper who made his career out of posting YouTube videos. While he started with just a modest following, today he can perform in countries all over the world and has even written a song with Cardi B that has over 6.1 million views on YouTube. His nickname is simply El Alfa, and he is best known for his songs "Tarzan," "Coche Bomba," and "Muevete Jevi." At only 28 he already has amassed a net worth that is estimated to be anywhere from one million to five million US dollars.

El Alfa El Jefe   he wanted to be a rapper

El Alfa El Jefe always knew that he wanted to be a rapper, and moved out of his parents' house at 17 so that he could concentrate on his music exclusively. It took him about a year or two to find fans on YouTube, and from there, his career took over. He has received over 250 million views on his YouTube channel. One reason that he appeals to a lot of people is he creates clean and wholesome rap, having grown up in what he describes as a very respectful household.

Most Influential Rapper To Come Out Of The Dominican Republic

El Alfa El Jefe   most influential rapper to come out of the Dominican Republic

Over the last decade, El Alfa has worked with many different artists including Cardi B, Darell, Farruko, Yandel, and Diplo. He has also been able to tour extensively and perform at some of the largest venues in the world including New York City's Madison Garden. He is thought to be the most influential rapper to come out of the Dominican Republic and is easily the richest rapper to be born in the country. Although he released plenty of music on YouTube and did plenty of collaborations with other artists, it took him until 2017 to release his first full-length studio album, Disciplina. Interestingly enough, he chose to create romantic songs for his album, mainly because he knew he would not have to worry about censorship by switching his genre a bit.

He's Married With Children

El Alfa El Jefe   He s Married With Children

Outside of his rap career, El Alfa is known for his philanthropy work and he regularly gives back to low-income residents from his home country. He is known for helping out charities and delivering toys, tools, and clothing to people in person. He is currently married to Alba Rosa and has two children with her. Outside of his rap career, he also sells merchandise and artwork which adds to his net income along with the money that he earns from tours. He currently has over 2.7 million followers on Instagram and 1.7 million subscribers on YouTube.