Dan Bongino Net Worth (2020) | Secret Agent To Millionaire
Dan Bongino Net Worth (2020) | Secret Agent To Millionaire
Dan Bongino Bio:
Net Worth: $8 Million
Real Name: Daniel John Bongino
Born: December 4, 1974
Age: 48 years old
Height: 6ft & 1in / 1.85m
Astrological Sign: Sagittarius ♐
Home Town: Queens, New York, United States
Most Famous For: Secret Service agent
Last Updated: 2022

Dan Bongino is one individual that has worn many hats in his life, making him a person of interest concerning his net worth. In his lifetime, he has worked as a secret service agent and has served in the presidential protective team of George Bush and Barack Obama. That, therefore, puts him in a position worth attracting attention mostly in regards to what he is worth.

The rate at which he changed jobs during his career as a secret service agent portrays that he had been marked as a committed individual in his work. That is considering that he worked with the New York City Police Department for only four years and later joined the United States Secret Service. Three years down the line, he took up other responsibilities in the same career, which helped him gain a lot of experience, thus being identified for the role of state presidential protection.

Dan Bongino Secret Service

Other than being in the secret service, Dan Bongino has been a radio host. He is a YouTuber with approximately 365,000 subscribers and more than 65 million views on his channel, which suggests that he has a concrete following. That though is not all as he is also an author of various books, namely The Political Machine and Spygate: The Attempted Sabotage of Donald J. Trump. He isa commentator and has as well been involved in politics, although not successfully. Even though Dan Bongino is a retired secret service agent, he is reaping big from these avenues, which are relatable to most people as social media has become the new normal. He also runs other businesses in various enterprises, such as sales of martial arts, web designing, and security and management consultancy, which means that he does not depend on one source of income.

Dan Bongino Show

Dan Bongino is a holder of a master's degree in Business Administration, which he acquired from Pennsylvania State University, which explains his success in the various business platforms he has ventured into in his life. Additionally, he holds a bachelor's and master's degree in psychology, which has also come in handy for him in his many dealings with various personalities, which is inevitable in his line of work. Dan Bongino earns a whopping $115,000 as a commentator only. This could be attributed to his hard work and commitment to his work. Being a best- selling author in the New York Times means that he also attracts good revenue, which adds to his net worth.

Currently, Dan Bongino is believed to have a net worth of $8 million, which is as a result of the many career paths that he has explored and continues to explore. Additionally, he is a hard worker and committed to his endeavors which is evident in his various trials to vie for a political seat unsuccessfully for three consecutive terms. Dan Bongino despite being a public figure and with such a sizeable net worth is a member of Groundswell which is a group of activists that fight to progress conservative causes. That therefore depicts him as a humble person whose judgement is not clouded by how much he is worth and puts the interests of others first.