Why Peeing Outside Everyday Will Make Your Brain Happy
Why Peeing Outside Everyday Will Make Your Brain Happy

According to many hikers and outdoor enthusiasts, peeing outside is an exciting experience that can leave you relieved and more appreciative of nature.

Peeing outside is an exciting experience

If you are an outdoor adventure enthusiast, then peeing outside must be one of the enjoyable relieving experience. Peeing, of course, provides relief anywhere. However, in the deep wilderness of nature, it takes the alfresco into a whole new dimension. Here are a few tips for relieving your bladders outside, but first, let's look at some of the reasons why you should try the alfresco way.

You get to enjoy nature

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Compared to nature, it doesn't matter how clean your bathroom floor and surrounding are. The experience of letting go in the wild is one of the motivating reasons for taking a hiking trip. You simply get to enjoy nature and breathe in the fresh air while at it. If you get a perfect spot, you might even discover beautiful sceneries or notice something new. It is also free from the choking scents of bathroom detergents and deodorants.

It just feels good

Ever had an outdoor meal? Doesn't it feel like that's how it should be done, or at least, how the old folks did it? If you are already in the wild for a camp or hike, everything else is in the open space of nature, so peeing outside doesn't seem awkward. As a novice, you will find the experience chilling, relieving, and satisfying. Once you start to pee outside, it just feels right, so you are likely to adopt the habit.

You can look up at the stars

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You must admit it is not often that you get to look up at the stars while peeing. Taking a break from the camping bonfire to gaze at the stars while relieving your bladders can be exciting, especially if you find an elevated area that gives you a broad view of the gaping sky.

Peeing outside with your dog

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Peeing outside is one of those experiences you can share with your dog. You can also use it as a way to train your dog, especially if they are peeing inside the house. It is also fun if you bring your dog to your hiking trips.

How to start peeing outside more

Peeing outside shouldn't be a daunting task as you probably did it many times as a kid. Men peeing outside, for instance, is quite common, especially in the country and rural areas. Even in the streets, after an eventful night of drinking and partying, men tend to pee outside. For women, it can be a little tricky since you need to squat unless you have a pee funnel. To start peeing outside, simply find a cool outdoor spot and do it for the first time as an adult. That is all it takes, but you will require these tips:

Tips for women peeing outside

  • Find a flat slightly sloping ground that allows you to stand flat on your feet
  • Squat the furthest you comfortably can bringing yourself close to the ground, but not too close. The idea is to avoid splashing on your calves and ankles
  • If you can't squat comfortably, find something like a tree or piece of wood for support
  • You can also bring a bungee cord to tie around a tree or any stable surface and use it to lean/squat. Another alternative is to use a pee funnel which you can buy online. It is ideal for those who find it difficult to squat
  • For cleanup, use a splash from your camelback water hose. If you prefer to wipe, you can pack a toilet paper, but these must be packed-out (back from the field when your expedition is done)

Tips for men peeing outside

Women peeing outside may involve squatting and worrying about splash-back and hygiene. For men, it is slightly more relaxed. Once you find a perfect spot, simply hold out your member to relieve yourself in the wild. Seasoned hikers attempt many crazy things like drawing patterns. Make sure you are keen not to splash on your feet or trucks. A simple shake is enough for cleanup.


After strenuous activity all day, squatting and letting go can go from relief to rogue expulsion, so it is essential to bear a few insights in mind, especially if you are going to try this for the first time. According to many hikers and outdoor enthusiasts, peeing outside is an exciting experience that can leave you relieved and more appreciative of nature. If you spend time in the woods, the above-mentioned tips can help you ensure the thrilling relief does not get in the way of your comfort, safety, hygiene, or environmental pollution.