What Living On Mars Would Look Like With All Of Elon Musk’s Toys

Elon Musk's goal is to create a Mars colony. Take a ride with us to explore what living on Mars would look like with all the cool toys Elon Musk has built.

Elon Musk has been named one of the greatest minds of our time. In 2016, Forbes named Musk one of the "World's Most Powerful People." He has a passion for technology, inventions, and entrepreneurial experiments. And, he has seen massive success in his career to date. His automotive company Tesla has overtaken the vehicle industry. Competitors such as Jaguar, Volkswagon, and Mercedes are entering the electric vehicle landscape to keep up with Tesla's overhaul of the automotive industry.


Elon Musk has more than just financial success on his mind. He states that all of his inventions are to help reduce the impact of global warming on Earth. He also believes this is a necessity to ensure the human civilization isn't at risk of extinction. In fact, his optimal goal is to create a fully functioning human colony on Mars. How would that colony look? Thanks to the many insights Elon has given to his contraptions and plans, we have a pretty good idea what like on Mars would be like.

Visiting Your Friends on Earth

First, everyone needs to get to Mars. Musk has already established SpaceX in 2002 as an Aerospace manufacturer that would make space travel more affordable and accessible. The goal of SpaceX is "enabling people to live on other planets."

As your family packs up and gets ready to move to Mars, they've already booked their ticket on the SpaceX-Rockets that are leaving every day. You can't bring much with you, but that's fine; you have everything you need on Mars. It will take anywhere between 30 - 80 days to get to Mars from Earth. So, while you can come back to Earth to visit, you likely won't make the trip often. Plus, it's more exciting for your friends to come to visit you on Mars!



Once you arrive at Mars, you'll need to figure out your transportation around the planet. The cyber truck has all the capability of a sports car with an exterior that's built for durability and protects the passenger. Everyone has these trucks driving on autopilot, which removes human error, so there are never any car accidents on the planet.

Everyone drives their cyber trucks along Boring Company Tunnels. The Boring Company has exclusive rights to all the road mapping on Mars. They have created sleek, underground tunnels, making more effective use of the space on Mars. Cars and homes no longer have to compete for the same real estate. These tunnels are ultrafast, meaning you can get to work within minutes, and traffic doesn't exist. On weekends, you can easily commute to the opposite side of Mars. Travel around an entire planet is now a possibility for everyone.


Fewer Bills

To avoid polluting Mars as we did with Earth, everyone exclusively uses solar energy. Solar City - Solar Panels provide each home and commercial property with panels for the roof. The energy produced from the sun is harnessed to power homes, stores, and vehicles. What's more, all homes already come with solar panels. That means everyone has access to renewable energy that is virtually free. No more worrying about ridiculous utility bills.

Getting to Know Your Neighbors

In order to conserve space, homes are built Lego-style, one on top of another. This allows more and more people from Earth to slowly migrate over to the planet. It also stops any ultra-rich from building and living on sprawling properties. It's a lovely concept that forces everyone to be friends with their neighbors again and take care of one another.



Unfortunately, this is a new planet that humans are laying a claim to, and there needs to be some protective measures in place. Extraterrestrial life hasn't come to attack yet, but it's a concern that is on the mind of some citizens. Elon Musk has provided a solution with flamethrowers sold by The Boring Company. Extraterrestrials are deathly terrified of fire, and a quick threat of a flamethrower is sure to keep you safe in the case of an invasion.

Most new citizens of Mars pick up a flamethrower on their first week on the planet. Each commercial property is legally obligated to keep one flamethrower for every fifty people occupancy of their building's space. This is to ensure, even at work, you're always protected.


New citizens of Mars won't feel homesick at all, but they may want to brag to friends and family on Earth about their cool new experiences. Luckily, the entire planet is powered by the Starlink Company. There are between 12,000-42,000 Starlink satellites that connect the planet for all your Internet needs. Send pictures of your amazing new home to your friends on Earth anytime!


A Different Kind of Communication

Perhaps most impressive of all is the ability to take advantage of Neuralink, which is exclusively offered on Mars. Families can have a device implanted on their head that uses thin threads to read brain activity. The device is miniature and can't be seen at all if you choose the right haircut. Although it's become quite fashionable to be a Neuralink human. The recent trend is to shave your head around the implant, bringing attention to the device.

Families get Neuralink in conjunction so that they may compute telepathically with each other. Have a private conversation in a crowded place, ask your son what he wants to eat even though he's upstairs in his room, or share a beautiful memory with a loved one.

People live a more relaxed life on Mars. You can be more productive by doing some of your work while your Cyber Truck takes minutes to transport you from home to work. With such a short commute, you have more of your day to yourself. Your money also goes further on this planet without having to worry about paying for energy or gas. You get home and use Neuralink to telepathically share a sped-up version of your day with your family. You pour yourself a glass of Teslaquila to relax and see your neighbor wave as he climbs past your home to his house above. It's been another good day on Mars.

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