Ron Funches Wife: The Funny Funches Bunch
Ron Funches Wife: The Funny Funches Bunch

Comedian Ron Funches is refreshing in a sea of funnymen. His humor is on point, with an innocence to it that’s almost childlike—which is probably why he’s starred in some seriously big kid hits like Trolls. His comedy seems to teeter between the slapstick silly of I Love Lucy and the real-world jokes of Dave Chapelle, and it’s this very relatable kind of humor that’s not only gained him well-deserved fame, but also made him a perfect match for his wife, Christina Dawn.

Married in a Pandemic



Covid lockdown didn’t stop Ron from marrying his sweetheart, and it certainly didn’t take away from the happy aftermath of exchanging vows with Christina. Ron respects Christina’s preference for privacy, so not only are her own socials set to private, Ron is always very selective with what he posts about her. What we do know is that Christina is a writer, and a highly successful one, and she is without a doubt her husband’s biggest fan. Ron posted plenty of snaps from the wedding day, a low-key affair full of fun outfits, big smiles, and loads of joy.

One-of-a-Kind Pet Names


Ron and Christina met most modernly online, specifically on Bumble, which Ron has been very open about, especially in his comedy. Ron even has a funny nickname for his wife, originating from how they first got connected on the dating site. Ron likes to call Christina “Robot”, due to the fact that her dating profile was sparce with details and just included one photo, making him immediately suspicious that she was a real person at all!

Using Humor for Amazing Awareness


Though these newlyweds don’t currently have a child together, Ron brings a child from a previous marriage from when he was just 20. Ron’s son has autism and he and Christina both use their respective outlets to constantly bring awareness to autism. Christina has included this in her writings, and Ron uses his comedy, both creating ways to really make conversations about autism more accessible and approachable to people who have first-hand experience, and those who don’t know much about it.