Lisa And Matt Escape The Mortgage Trap With This Mind Blowing Ultra Modern Tiny House

Tiny houses are all about living with less and using the space you have efficiently, without the worry of a mortgage or big sums of debt.

By downsizing your lifestyle, you can customize and build your own tiny house for a fraction of the cost of a standard-sized home, and you have complete control over the design features. You even get to put it on wheels so you can move it around when you want to change up the background!


Super Sleek And Stylish Tiny House

Lisa and Matt took on this challenge of designing a space together across the beautiful blue mountains in Sydney, looking over sixteen acres of forest. While their home isn't the tiniest of them all, the space they've decided to build over really shrinks them down to size in comparison. The forest even has a secluded creek and swimming hole, a free communal perk of setting up their tiny home, for sure.

The modern home that the couple has built together is super sleek and stylish. Lisa and Matt managed to secure the land for a crazy low price after bush fires damaged the street. They built their nine-meter-long home onto a decent sized patio space so that they can enjoy having friends over without confining them inside. They decided to make it a bit taller than the usual tiny home because they didn't want to compromise on having to crawl and duck on either of the two stories and who can blame them?


Custom-Designed Modern Exterior

The super sleek, fully black exterior helps the house blend into its vast surroundings really well. The roof has skylights going across the full panel, allowing as much natural light to beam in from above and give the illusion of space. Lisa was the pioneer of the plan to build the house and Matt made her dream come true. The majority of the house was built by Matt himself, with his experience running a bathroom and kitchen fitting company, he certainly knew what he was doing. Right down to the custom-designed outside cat run and tunnel back inside. Yes, that's right, even their two cats were thought of in this tiny home!

The couple didn't just think of practical solutions for their storage, such as heightened shelving and swapping their standard couch for one with pullout drawers and built-in coffee table style armrests, they also made room for beautifully crafted feature items. An example is the hallway/living room light feature, with bamboo hash framing and differently sized lights dangling down through some greenery. The pair really enjoy watching TV and seem to have made almost no compromise in covering so much of their wall with a large flatscreen, especially with the couch being less than a meter away.

The other bonus of tiny homes is how easy they are to keep warm. Luckily, the pair rarely need to use their heating system but they've prepared for the winter months with just one compact wood burner in the middle of the home to keep them toasty, a virtually free heating system!


Ultra Modern Full-Sized Kitchen In A Tiny Home

Lisa wanted a full-sized kitchen and it's stunning; there's marble counter-tops, a four pan hob and a butler sink. The microwave, broiler and fridge freezer are built into the staircase and there's even a dishwasher. Since Matt makes bathrooms for a living, of course, the bathroom is gorgeous. The tiny house somehow comes with a double shower, wall to wall mirrors and super cute storage solutions. The pair did compromise along the way, Lisa gave in and let them keep the flushing toilet over a compost toilet; it turns out that's where Matt drew the line!


How Did They Fit A King-Sized Bed In A Tiny House?

You just won't believe how much space the couple managed to utilize, the master bedroom upstairs even fits a king-sized bed in it! The bed's placed directly under a skylight, so the pair can stargaze without taking a step outside, and there are large windows on either side of the bed to take in the beautiful forest views from upstairs in the home. The dynamic view of the changing sky is just superb, and the pair have taken full advantage of capturing those moments.


All of this came together, of course with a lot of favors and free labor from Matt, for less than $100,000. The pair has managed to keep the home super modern and homely while using the space so well that you'd wonder what you're doing in your current house. It really is impressive in design, quality, and attention to detail. Being built looking over an iconic backdrop, it's definitely worth checking out. You never know, it might spark your interest in building your own tiny home.

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