9 Celebrities Who Now Have Face Tattoos

Celebrities in Hollywood are always looking for a new look and what is better than a tattoo on your face? Many celebrities have had some ink done on their face for many reasons. The following are the more recognizable tattooed faces:


Post Malone

The music artist is one of the most recognizable tattooed faces in the planet today. He has 'Stay Away' tattooed above his right eyebrow and 'Always' and 'Tired' tattooed below each eye. He also has a barbed wire just below his hairline.



Another singer with multiple tattoos on her face. Some like her freckle dot tattoos are tiny they need a close look to notice while others are large like the paper plane she has drawn right below her left eye. She also has a queen of hearts tattooed next to one of ears.


Tekashi 6ix9ine

One of the names on this list that is just as recognized for their music as their face tattoos. Tekashi is famously known for the giant '69' tattoo on his forehead right above his right eye. He also has other tattoos on his cheeks and 'Brooklyn' on his forehead.




Halsey decided to get her face inked in 2018 with a small queen of diamonds tattoo on just by her left ear. Though the famous singer has plenty of other tattoos, that was her first and only face tattoo so it is special.


Gucci Mane

It does not get any bolder with face tattoos than Gucci Mane. In 2011, the rapper got a massive three scoop ice cream cone tattooed on his face with the word 'brrr' right next to it. Gucci Mane got the tattoo after a tough time in his life and he said that it was a reminder to always stay cool.


Mike Tyson

Probably the oldest and most famous person on this list with a face tattoo. The former heavyweight champion got a huge tribal tattoo on the left side of his face. It has become on of the most iconic features of the famous boxer.



Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne's entire body is covered by tattoos including his face. The famous rapper has so many tattoos on his face it is hard to notice them all. His teardrops are probably his most infamous face tattoos. Other facial tattoos include 'Fear God' and 'I am Music.'


Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa is another famous rapper covered in tattoos from head to toe. However, the tattoos on his face are sparse. The tattoos that are easily noticeable are a peace sign and a star.


Travis Barker

You would get lost studying all the tattoos that Travis Barker has all over his body. He has kept his face pretty clean though with an anchor on his right temple, a star on his right cheek and he word 'Blessed' on his left cheek.

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