Do Houseplants Improve Indoor Air Quality & Remove Toxins?

Indoor Houseplants: From Decor to NASA

Houseplants have been used as decor items for centuries, but in the mid-twentieth century science by way of NASA actually was able to prove that they clean indoor air.

Everything in space is man-made, but NASA found that plants could actually remove toxins from the air to make the air inside the space station safe for the astronauts.


Toxin Fighting Super Plants

NASA found that through the natural process of phytoremediation, 12 common houseplants removed a variety of toxins from the air such as formaldehyde, benzene, and more. Known as VOCs, all of the identified toxins are commonly found indoors from off-gassing.

NASA created its own sealed BioHome to test its theories and found that the VOC levels dropped when houseplants were placed inside. Plus, humans visiting the home felt healthier when houseplants were pleasant.


What are These Magic Houseplants?

The good news is you aren't confined to just one or two houseplants if you want to improve the air quality of your home and still enjoy your houseplant as decor.

NASA scientist Dr. Wolverton named 10 top indoor plants for removing air toxins, including the:

·         Boston Fern

·         Rubber Plant

·         English Ivy

·         Florist's Mum

·         Dwarf Date Palm

·         Kimberley Queen Fern

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