Crazy Homemade CoronaVirus Masks (That Probably Don’t Work)

Ever since the CoronaVirus reared its ugly head in Wuhan Province, China, the world has gone crazy fearing the second coming of the Black Plague. Is the rapidly-mutating germ going to wreak havoc on human civilization, or is hysteria the real danger? Is it a bio-weapon run amok, created by the Chinese government? The truth is...


We don't know! However, people in China and around the world are playing it safe rather than sorry. Face mask suppliers in many countries are making a fortune and running out of all their stocks, leaving many fearful buyers to fend for themselves. However, many have done just that and put their personal ingenuity to the test. People of all nations have crafted innovative solutions to the plague problem, regardless of the fact their solutions probably don't work.

Plastic Bottles

When gas masks are in short supply, large plastic bottles are still plentiful. Many creative individuals have crafted ad-hoc masks by putting plastic bottles with small holes over their heads. If someone sneezes in your direction, it might block the worst of it... but it's doubtful it'll block airborne pathogens.



Are you a more environmentally-friendly doomsday prepper? If so, you'll love all-natural gas masks derived from half of a hollowed-out grapefruit. It largely protects your airways, and the air holes aren't so obviously vulnerable. With a flexible hole pressed through the center, this attempt just might just act as a primitive filter. Well, probably not.

Sanitary Towels

A basic surgical mask isn't going to protect you from a virus. What if you add an extra bit of filtration, though? Some inventive women have used sanitary towels and feminine hygiene products to provide an extra layer of defense. In theory, anyway.

Cabbage Leaf

If eating cabbage keeps you healthy, breathing cabbage must work wonders. By taking an entire head of cabbage and punching in eye holes, it's impossible for someone to sneeze into your mouth. That said, it still leaves some massive gaps for airborne pathogens to infiltrate. While the defensive value is questionable, a cabbage mask is certainly a bold fashion statement.

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