9 Healthy Foods You Need To Add To Your Diet Today


Adding one or more of these helpful foods to your daily diet can help you lose weight, boost energy, and stay healthy!


An Apple a Day ... Can Help You Lose Weight?

Not only are apples delicious, high in Vitamin C, and low in calories, but they are packed with fiber and can give you that full feeling faster than other foods. That means you won't keep shoving food in your mouth after you've eaten one.


Treat Yourself to Some Delicious Salmon Sashimi!

If you are a sushi fan you'll love this - salmon is high in quality protein, healthy fats, various nutrients, and Omega-3 fatty acids. It's also a great source of iodine, which helps thyroid function and speeds up your metabolism.


Which Came First, the Whole Egg or the Egg White?

Over the years the egg has gotten a bad rap. Yes it is high in fat, but the truth is that it's high in good fat. It's also nutrient dense and high in protein, making it something of a super food. And the most nutrient part? The egg yolk, not the white (which makes sense as that is what the baby chicken would live on).



Stop Ignoring the Nutritious Potato!

Yes potatoes are complex carbohydrates. But no, that doesn't mean they are bad for you. In fact, potatoes are high in nutrients such as potassium, and are great at making you feel full (so you don't get hungry again soon after eating them).


Is it Chicken or is it Tuna?

It's tuna, it's a fish, and it's good for you. Tuna is low in calories and fat and high in protein. If you eat it by itself it's pretty healthy. If you add mayo and celery and other tids and bits to it, you may want to watch your portion size.


Cottage Cheese is for Lovers!

This healthy food gives you what a body needs: protein, calcium, and various nutrients. It's also low in calories but great at making you feel full for a long time.



Get Spicy with Chili Peppers!

If you've been avoiding spicy foods you may want to rethink your priorities. Chili peppers are high in capsaicin, which reduces appetite and increases your body's ability to burn fat.


Grapefruit Isn't Just an 80's Diet Food Anymore!

The grapefruit diet was popular a few decades ago, and it turns out all of those 80's fitness junkies weren't wrong. Eating half a grapefruit before meals helps reduce appetite so you don't overeat other things.


Go Ahead and Eat That Avocado Toast - It's Good for You!

Sure avocados are high in fat, but it's a good fat! Overall that funny looking little fruit is high in fiber, nutrients such as potassium, and cholesterol-lowering monounsaturated fats.

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