Mouthwatering Tomahawk Ribeye Steak Perfectly Grilled

Find out how to grill the perfect tomahawk ribeye steak. A tomahawk ribeye steak has the most unique shape and a signature flavor. Get your BBQ fired up!

A tomahawk ribeye steak comes from ribeye beef that is specifically cut with five inches or more of intact rib bone. The extra-long bone of meat is finely trimmed to look like a handle. The steak has a unique shape and a signature flavor attributable to its tender texture.


How to Grill a Tomahawk Ribeye Steak

Cooking a tomahawk ribeye steak on a portable kitchen (PK) grill is the best method. Before starting, season the steak with salt, garlic and some pepper. It gives the steak a rich foundation flavor. Allow the steak to evenly come up to room temperature for about half an hour. During this time, ensure that all sides of the thick steak are well covered in the seasoning ingredients.

Have your grill turned on to the peak of its heat setting before the cooking process begins. Set up a two-zone fire on the PK grill, putting all the hot coals on one side. The other side of the grill is meant for cooking the steak at relatively lower temperatures. You may choose to spray some cooking spray on the grill in order to set it right. Use an internal heat thermometer to measure the grill temperature before placing the steak. The recommended heat temperature at this point should be about 600°F.


Place the steak on the hotter side of the grill and press it down onto the grill. Close the PK lid for a duration of about two and a half minutes. Then, flip the steak over routinely after another two and a half minutes. After about ten minutes, turn over the meat and lay it on the other side that is cooler. Meanwhile, melt some butter over the grill along with some rosemary and olive oil. Keep on checking the internal temperature of the meat using a smoke dual-channel thermometer. Pull the steak from the grill after it heats up to an internal temperature of 125°F.

Allow the steak to rest for about five minutes before slicing. Paste the melted butter, rosemary and oil on the steak before serving. Proceed in slicing the meat to the level of thickness you desire.

What Makes a Tomahawk Ribeye Steak Extra-ordinary?

First, just the name of it makes the tomahawk ribeye steak peculiar. Second, its shape is uncommon. The steak is quite a marvel to look at. It is finely shaped with the excess meat being removed to expose a long bone, making it look like a single handed axe. Also, it doesn't come cheap. The price of a tomahawk ribeye steak makes it extra-ordinary.


Important Things to Consider When Cooking a Tomahawk Steak

Irrespective of the method you use to cook a tomahawk ribeye steak, there are universal guidelines that ensure tasty results. These include:

Using a digital thermometer

A digital thermometer makes such a huge difference. It is an indispensable tool in the cooking process.

Reverse sear method gives great results

For thicker cuts of meat, like the tomahawk ribeye steak, a two-zone cooking setup works best.

Allowing the meat to rest

The juices in the meat move from the center and spread to the other parts when it's allowed to rest. Resting the meat for about 7-10 minutes should give great results.


How to Best Serve a Grilled Tomahawk Ribeye Steak

There is no treat like a perfectly grilled tomahawk ribeye steak served with your favorite side dish and a drink. Here is how to maximize on the joy of feasting on tomahawk ribeye steak:

Choosing your cut

Just like other any other cut of meat, tomahawk steak sizes vary greatly depending on how they were cut. Settle for a cut that will best satisfy your needs.

Cooking to perfection

Do not leave anything to chance when it comes to cooking your steak. Observe the universal guidelines and strive for perfection.

Incorporating your side dishes

Take your pick of a side dish and a favorite sauce to accompany your delicious meat.

Choosing your drink

Whether you settle for red wine or beer, be sure to savor every moment you spend on your grilled tomahawk ribeye steak.



The joy of a grilled tomahawk ribeye steak is not only in its presentation but also in its sumptuous taste. The secret to perfectly grilling your tomahawk ribeye steak is using the reverse searing method over a PK grill. Having a digital thermometer and allowing the meat to rest gives far much better results of a tasty meal.

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