Asian Soup Spoons, Kitchenware Bruce Lee Would Approve Of

Every Kung Fu expert knows how to attack their enemy. Discover how these Asian soup spoons are the perfect weapon to attack your soups with.

Asian soup spoons can be traced back to the Shang dynasty, around the 2nd millennium B.C. In China, they were used to both prepare and eat food. Chopsticks didn't catch on until around 1000 A.D. They are traditionally made of ceramic, but you can find them in plastic and metal versions as well.

The Chinese soup spoon has a thick handle that extends from a flat, deep bowl. This makes it easy to handle, especially if you're eating with chopsticks as well.

Chinese soup spoons are used throughout Asia and are favored because they hold more liquid then western soup spoons thanks to their higher sides. Although Chinese spoons are used throughout Asia, Japanese spoons have their own style and flair. Japanese soup spoons are shallower, although many follow the Chinese model nowadays. Traditional utensils were broader and made of ceramic, metal or wood.


Why Asian Soup Spoons Are Better to Eat Asian Soups

Whether you love ramen, pho, miso or any other kind of Asian soup, you can easily discover that these spoons hold more flavorful broth and chunks of noodles, meat and vegetables than Western spoons.

Why settle for a plain spoon when you could have a real Asian meal experience? You can choose from elegant porcelain Asian soup spoons or choose a wooden spoon for extra authenticity.

It's the bowl that makes the difference when compared to the spoons of other cultures. Both Japanese and Chinese spoons are roughly oval and flat on the bottom so that you can set them down more easily. They're designed to make it easy to scoop up broth an all the other great ingredients in flavorful Asian cuisine. They are also large enough to hold noodles and make them easier to eat with chopsticks.


Why Should You Add Asian Soup Spoons to Your Kitchenware?

If you love Asian cuisine, getting the accouterments to properly eat them only makes sense. Chinese spoons come in beautiful blue and white China patterns or with colorful designs. Japanese soup spoons are often more sedate in pattern and darker in color, including black and brown, to simulate the wood material originally used to make them.

When you want to add a pop of color or a fun pattern to your dinner table or cutlery drawer, Asian soup spoons make a beautiful addition to your dining room or kitchen? Plus, you win points for coolness when company comes over and you share your worldliness with friends.

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