Yella Beezy | 5 Things You Didn't Know
Yella Beezy | 5 Things You Didn't Know

Yella Beezy was born as Markies Deandre Conway in McKinney,, TX. He lost his father to murder at age 12 and decided to escape into basketball.

Delinquency Before Fame


Conway spent the following years pursuing basketball. Shortly afterwards, he joined the Crips and began selling dope. His crimes eventually got him expelled from high school and he left without graduating.

An Early Start

Conway got an early start at the age of 14 when he made and released his first mistake titled Mash Mode Overload. He made several other demos before hitting it big with his first record titled Ain't No Goin Bacc.

A Series of One Hit Wonders


Yella Beezy enjoyed a series of one hit wonders from his first album, namely "That's on Me" where he collaborated with two other artists. His greatest was perhaps his collaboration with Kevin Gates titled "What I Did." The album was followed by a tour that put Yella Beezy on the map for a short spell.

Tragedy Strikes

On October 14, 2018, Yella Beezy was driving in Lewisville, TX when an unknown gunman struck his vehicle several times. Beezy was shot four times but managed to survive. Charges were never filed.

Private Life


Yella Beezy has only one child, a son, to this day. No further information is known about the child at this time.