Veteran Boards His Dog At PetSmart While In The Hospital (Gets Unexpected Surprise)

Dogs truly are man's best friend; no one could ask for a better companion. If you were struggling with money and had to go to the hospital, there's no doubt you'd find a nice kennel for your dogs to stay in the meantime regardless of the cost. Everyone who's had a pet they adore can relate to the need to keep them safe and happy.


Veteran Concerned For His Dogs

But what if you went back after leaving the hospital to ask if you could pay to get your dogs back, and the employee at the kennel told you "No"? This is the story of what happened to a veteran and dog lover who left his three beautiful dogs at a local kennel.


Petsmart Loved His Dogs Too!

But! She wasn't refusing to return his dogs to him; she was refusing to accept his money. You see, the employees and various community members knew who the man was and what he'd been through. He was known for being a kind man and the most gentle soul you'd ever meet. His dogs were the light of his life, and he'd take good care of them no matter how much he'd struggle to meet the costs.


Heartwarming Story About Human Kindness

So his friends and the employees launched a drive to raise money to pay for his kennel fees altogether. He had the cash in hand to pay to have his dogs returned, but she handed it back to him and explained everything that happened. Afterward, he finally had the joy of reuniting with the dogs that had missed him as much as he'd missed them.


From the veteran himself to the employees to the onlookers (some of whom chipped in to help), there was not a dry eye in the building. It was a powerful scene following up a powerful story about human kindness and how wonderful people can be towards one another.

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