These Actresses Look Absolutely Nothing Like Their Characters
These Actresses Look Absolutely Nothing Like Their Characters

Everyone knows that actresses need to transform themselves into another character when taking on roles on the big screen. Many of these transformations include makeup, fake hair or even facial implants! Thankfully, a team of talented stylists work hard behind the scenes in order to take these actresses to a whole new level of impersonation.

Janine Ofwarren → Madeline Brewer

Janine Ofwarren Madeline Brewer
TV Show: The Handmaid's Tale

There isn’t a lot of room for individuality in the Handmaid’s Tale. Janine is always seen in the heavy red cloak and white hood that all of the Handmaids wear. She only has one eye from an earlier disagreement.

Brewer is almost unrecognizable when compared against her character. She has gorgeous blue eyes and a glowing smile. Here, she is casually posing, looking sexy and comfortable in her grey t-shirt.

Celebs Admit To Binge-watching On Netflix
Katharine McPhee loves Downton Abbey which follows the history of a fictional British family. With just the right amount of drama, intrigue, and romance, the show pulls you in. Somewhat like an evening soap, but much classier, you can’t help but get involved in all the family drama.
Katie Aselton’s binge show is Gossip Girl. Watching the new generation of New York City women struggle with life gives her mind a chance to escape. The show is a definite guilty pleasure watching these bumbling privileged girls who have no idea what life is actually all about.
Jake Johnson is a fan of the comedy 30 Rock, and really, who isn't? 30 Rock has excellent comedic timing, and the show is so funny it’s easy to binge-watch. Jake knows all about comedy himself since he stars with the incomparable Zooey Deschanel on New Girl.
Emma Watson apparently is a massive fan of the American sitcom Friends. In real life, she’s a down to earth woman who’s relatable. While Watson was only 6 when the show first aired, many of the jokes are as timeless as she is, so it makes sense she would love this modern classic.
The former star of Lizzy McGuire is all grown up, and Hillary Duff loves her sci-fi. One of her favorite shows is Stranger Things. Duff is a lot like every other parent who settles in for some TV once the kids are in bed. If creepy and dark shows are her thing, then so be it.