Meet Brad Pitt’s New Girlfriend (Sat Hari Khalsa)

Unlike Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie, the latest lady who is rumored to have caught the attention of star Brad Pitt is not an actress. Instead, Sat Hari Khalsa is a spiritual healer and jewelry designer who has gained fame for her time touring with a famous rock band and for the actresses that have been photographed in her necklaces.


Born in America but growing up at boarding school in India, Sat Hari Khalsa became interested in the symbolism of gemstones and jewelry at a young age. She also studied astrology and gemology, and left India at age 18 with a deep sense of Sikh beliefs.

She began creating jewelry and became popular for her designs and the claims that her work brought about positive changes in the lives of the jewelry wearers. She eventually started her own company, Amrit Jewelry, which was named after her daughter.

Aside from creating popular necklaces, bracelets, and more, Sat Hari Khalsa has also been a spiritual healer and adviser for many celebrities. She went on tour with the Red Hot Chili Peppers at one point, serving as their nurse and personal healer. This connection to the famous band led eventually to her appearance at the Silver Lake Conservatory of Music gala, an annual benefit for the musical education center founded by Flea.


It was at this gala that Sat Hari Khalsa and Brad Pitt met, and where their rumored relationship is said to have begun. Pictures show them having a fantastic time together at the gala, and since then they've been photographed many times enjoying each other's company. Their appearance seemingly together at an after-party for Pitt's film Ad Astra seems to have sealed the relationship in the minds of many fans.

But if the actor and designer truly are dating, they aren't making a public statement about it. It's always possible that Sat Hala Khalsa is spending time with Pitt in her capacity as a spiritual healer, or just as a friend. Only time, and a statement from their publicists, will truly reveal if the relationship rumors are true or not.

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