12 Celebrities Combos That Could Beat Trump In The 2020 Election

Trump's electoral victory in 2016 broke down walls and revolutionized American politics. No longer must any celebrity, influencer, or billionaire let something so petty and elitist as qualifications and experience stop their dreams of striving towards the highest office in the land. If the Democrats want to win in 2020, they need to accept the lessons of 2016 and put together a dynamic duo packed with star power. Here are the 12 celebrity team-ups that have the best shot at beating Trump in 2020.


President Oprah Winfrey and Vice President Dr. Phil

Oprah is one of the most venerated and beloved figures in the American pop culture landscape. With the popularity of proposed programs such as Medicare for All or the Freedom Dividend, a program offering every American a free car could establish Oprah as a serious political force. Dr. Phil is famous for his people skills and his talent for conflict resolution. If anyone could bring compromise back to Congress, it's these two.



Dwayne "The President" Johnson and Vice President Kevin Hart

Between Jumanji, Fast and the Furious, and Central Intelligence, the American people know that this pair is extremely dynamic and versatile. In the intense modern world with issues as complex as a rising China, riots in Hong Kong, civil unrest in America, terrorism scares and the latent economic threat of automation, we need an executive team that's as flexible and multifaceted as these two. Any team that can do comedy, action, and fantasy-adventure can surely handle the intricacies of geopolitics.



President Kanye "West Wing" and Vice President Taylor Swift

They might interrupt you on the debate floor, but don't worry; they'll let you 'finish in a minute.' This team-up carries impressive, broad appeal beyond the confines of politics and genre. Kanye is known for his communication with Trump, but his music speaks to the deep blue heart of the inner city. In this manner, Kanye can draw in voters from both sides of the political aisle and offer a third position to those tired of political partisanship. With pop star Taylor at his side, they'll have a powerful draw in the inner city, the suburbs, and the Billboard 100.



President Katy Perry and Vice President Will Smith

If "I Kissed a Girl and I Liked It" is anything to go by, President Perry would boast strong LGBT credentials. Will Smith offers a strong appeal to the everyman - he's funny, charming, kind, and talented. These two could certainly sell a down to earth center-left campaign to the American people and help mobilize voters to make Trump a one-term president.



President Mark Zuckerberg and Vice President Jeff Bezos

Big Data is a sure route to winning very bigly. Thanks to the services these two enthusiastically provide to millions of Americans, they really know how to appeal to the individual American. Zuck will provide tailored advertising to each American citizen so that everyone will love him. They won't even need to know why they love him so much.

With the power of data at his side, Zuckerberg will tailor his points to what Americans care about. Jeff Bezos will be the real powerhouse behind the team, though, similar to other powerful veeps such as Bush-Cheney from 1992 or the less popular, straight to DVD sequel launched in 2000. While Zuck will tailor the image of the team, Jeff Bezos will undoubtedly roll out new streaming services and rapid deliveries as part of a Citizenship Prime program. I'm ready to live in the United States of Amazon, how about you?



President Elon Musk and Vice President Joe Rogan

Behind a Musk-Rogan partnership, you'll see tech enthusiasts, Silicon Valley elites, doomsday preppers, and Iron Man fans coalesce into an unstoppable political alliance alongside fans of MMA and MDMA. Musk can doubtlessly bring Trump supporters and Star Wars nerds into the fold by promising to throw the weight of Tesla's human resources into developing the Space Force.

Joe Rogan has true bipartisan appeal, as everyone loves to hate him. Additionally, he promotes various liberal policies such as softened drug laws, alongside conservative policies such as shaking a fist at the sky while complaining about political correctness.



President Caitlyn Jenner and Vice President Kim Kardashian

The Kardashian clan has stronger political laurels than you might expect. A Jenner victory would be a big, no, a yuge win for civil rights. Jenner would arguably be America's first trans president (some would give that distinction to Millard Fillmore). However, Jenner is something of a political centrist who leans conservative. With her trans status lending her credibility among the hard left and her politics appealing to the right, you might brand her a radical centrist as opposed to boring centrists like Bush and Clinton.

Kim will boost the appeal of the team to the political left further, thanks to her and Kanye's work in getting Trump interested in criminal justice reform. Perhaps Kanye could join the cabinet of these two ladies?



President Kevin Spacey and Vice President Robin Wright

While Kevin Spacey currently faces serious sexual assault allegations, his role as Frank Underwood goes to show that the American people love a little unethical political drama. He and his wife have stunning political credentials from their work acting on the acclaimed Netflix original series 'House of Cards.' If there's one thing the Trump presidency has taught us, it's that acting and stardom are just as good as experience. With this kind of expertise at their back, the American people will be able to rest easy knowing that the interests of their nation are in good hands.



President Adam Sandler and Vice President Judge Judy

These two truly understand the average American - after all, their biggest fans are average Americans with the kind of everyday problems Judge Judy solves regularly. Adam Sandler knows how to speak to common man, but his critical acclaim in Uncut Gems proves that he can appeal to the intellectual as well. Not to mention the incredible nostalgia that many people have for his movies, which they associate with a time before their parents divorced. With Adam Sandler's broad appeal and Judge Judy's hard-hitting, no-nonsense attitude, these two would make a political tour de force.



President Matthew McConaughey and Vice President Woody Harrelson

True Detective showed the American people that these two are tough, smart, and a great team. With the modern-day fear of terrorism and political extremism, President McConaughey and VP Harrelson represent a firm, reassuring presence. If these two action stars can't keep America safe, who could?



President Channing Tatum and Vice President Jonah Hill

These two have great chemistry on screen, and they'd be even better in the oval office. Individually, they each have traits such as humor or good looks, not to mention talent and charisma. Channing Tatum could easily be the second coming of John Fitzerald Kennedy. Jonah would provide a grounding, policy-focused element to their team while that Channing charm breaks down political barriers.



President Bill Gates and Vice President Warren Buffet

If there's one thing Americans love, it's billionaires. If there are two things Americans love, the second is billionaire philanthropists. These two beloved public figures are known for their economic contributions and their vast histories of charitable giving. If these two can't evoke the warm, reassuring spirit of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who could? It's only a shame they won't be able to run for four terms.

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